Our Design Process

At Aaron Wailes Building Design, we really listen and have an open communication with all our clients. We are here to ensure your dreams and expectations are met, while guiding you through our proven design process that will enhance your project while being respectful to your budget.

The design and planning of your new home is without a doubt the most integral part of your building journey. Good design principles don’t cost more! It costs the same amount of money to build a wall in the wrong place as it does the right place.

We believe in a collaborative design and building methodology. Our aim is to listen to our clients and work with their preferred Builder. Working together as a design team allows our clients to stay informed throughout the entire course of the design and construction process.



Our proven design process works! Let us guide you through the necessary process before you can build your home.


During our initial discussion, we will seek to understand your design brief and overall design objectives. Our aim is to listen and learn from you and to help formulate your personal design brief. Upon the confirmation of your design brief, it is time to start sketching and planning your design. Confirming the design and planning is respectful of the project budget.


Once the overall project direction is established, the initial design concepts are worked up into more detail, material selections are made, the building form is determined and consultant input begins.


During the design development phase the overall construction methodology is established. Consultant input is coordinated and the design of your new home is submitted for building approval through the appropriate local government authority.


Upon confirmation of Building Approval and input from selected builders, the final construction drawings are prepared ready for tender and construction.


During the construction of your project we offer project support to our clients. We are available to meet on site as requested to assist in the construction process.

Good design starts with a design briefDownload the AWBD Design Brief Questionnaire and start your design journey today