Bargara House

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Project Bargara House
Description Our design brief started with a clear objective, design a home that we can live in all year round with clear defined living spaces. While taking into account the challenges of a site that tapered to the north and included an overland flow path, our foremost design objective was to promote northern light, in order to bathe the house in sunshine. Incorporating low level and high level glazing with raked ceilings invites the warmth of sunshine in winter and protection from intense heat in summer. In principle the home is designed into two distinct living pods connected by a link. The master bedroom and auxiliary bedrooms are housed together in the northern pod of the home, while the casual living area and guest rooms are located in the southern pod separated by a courtyard. Separation of the building form by the use of a courtyard allows both pods to look due north and benefit from the same connection to the outdoors. Overall the design promotes a minimal approach to building materials, incorporating painted cement sheeting and off form concrete bricks, while the feature PFC fascia beams make a bold statement to the low level roof forms.

Project Description

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