Kedron Renovation – UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Project Info

Project Kedron Renovation
Description Our clients recently purchased their home in Kedron, with direct views to the city of Brisbane their brief was clear, we need to add more space to our home, while maintaining an indoor outdoor connection. The design solution focused on introducing natural northern light via operable skylights, while connecting a new deck, sitting area and kitchen to the city view with timber glass windows and doors. A key aspect of our design was to allow the new living areas to feel and act like a deck, to feel open to the outdoors. However, we needed northern light! Introducing a skylight to a south facing room is a great solution to ensuring any space feels cool in Summer and warm in Winter. The operable skylights will work a treat when opened allowing cool breezes through the home and for hot air to escape. We are looking forward to keeping you updated as this exciting project enters construction in the near future.

Project Description

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